Grow Your Faith


I’m so glad you’ve decided to commit your life to Christ! That’s great! When we put our faith in Jesus, we become “born again”. This is a term Jesus used. You are literally born in a new way…your first birth was physical (just ask your Mom!). This time you are born in a spiritual way. It means you have a brand new relationship and standing with God. Now you are His child – you’ve been adopted!

One of the purposes that God has for His children is to become more like Jesus:

“For from the very beginning God decided that those who come to Him…
should become like His Son.” Romans 8:29 (Living Bible)

I know that sounds like a pretty tall order, but don’t worry, God is really going to do most of the work. It’s our job to cooperate, obey, and let Him.

You may be asking yourself, “Now what do I do?” Let me give you a few suggestions:

Get involved in a good church.
Read the Bible. This is our instruction manual. I recommend a modern translation that is easy to understand. There are some great study Bibles with explanation notes.
Pray. Just talk to God like you would to a friend. It might feel awkward at first but the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll feel.
Join a Bemiss Community Group (Bible Study.) One of the best ways to learn is with other people on the same journey.


I’m really excited with you, and I really want to help.

Sincerely,  Pastor Bob