Prayer List & Praise

Harvey Mays
Candis Harris
Pam Ellis
Maddie Pitts
Marie McLain
Jeff Wells
Jack McLain
Judy Gatts
Randy Hill
Robin McLain
Larry Yarbrough
Mary Hartland
Frances Mays
Patty Moyers
Darlene Koop
Greg Foster
Gene Felts
Tommye Miller
Cindy Griffin
David Crow
John Downs
Delories Johnson
Sandy Yarbrough
Bobby Logue
Karlie Barker
Danny Jayne
Eldora Pike
Vallene Daly
Tony Barker
Cindy Hunley
Dottie Fields
Margaret McLain
Rhonda Bailey
Dempsey Q. Logue
Robert Wise
All Military Personnel

Please let the office know when someone should be removed or added to the prayer list andĀ of any praise reports.